Music to My Ears!!!

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Hey guys!! So instead of making a vague Facebook post, I figured this was something that I could write about in my blog instead!

As most of you already know, music is my biggest inspiration (next to God–all credit will ALWAYS go to Him 🙂 ) And tonight, I’m just going through all of my music for the extensive project of creating playlists for ALL of my ideas, not just the books I’m in the process of researching or writing. I’m happy to say that my taste in music has evolved from Mainstream Pop to a more general, broad flavor of sound. I will listen to anything, even rap, if it provokes the right emotions or has the appropriate words for what I’m writing about.

Honestly, though, one of my FAVORITE “resources” is anything played on the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries. As if they didn’t already have awesome music, I first realized how much I loved it when THEY KEPT PLAYING SONGS I’D ALREADY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ON MY IPOD!! So I’ve been going on YouTube and following channels that post music from the series just so I can download them. There’s so much emotion and variety in the music they use that I’ve found so many new favorites it’s not even funny. Here are some, if you’re searching for some new music to inspire and/or move you!:

Short Change Hero by The Heavy (SUCH AN AWESOME BEAT!!! I love how it sounds like it’s a song about someone EPIC, and I have just the character in mind for it to apply to! You’ll be meeting him soon ;)) :

Little Deschutes by Laura Veirs (I got a very romantic, intimate impression with this song. It applies to a couple of different characters and their romantic prospects. Beautiful):

I Should Go by Levi Kreis (Yet another one that gave me a romantic, intimate impression. Once again, you’ll meet the characters I see with this song soon!!):

Heartbeat by Kopecky Family Band (Aaaand this one just has an awesome beat!!! ):

Those are just a few; there are so many more amazing songs that have played on the series. I also listen to music that’s NOT on The Vampire Diaries, but hey, just bragging on the show’s audio department in this blog…apparently.

Music is such and important aspect of the writing process for me that I’d be as lost without my iPod as I would be without a keyboard to type on. I personally feel that God uses music (all kinds of music) to put images or emotions in my head that I ultimately implement into a novel. I’m grateful that music (for me, at least) helps encourage character-driven novels rather than a story-line driven novel. I think that is an extremely important part of what makes a memorable novel, is falling in love (or loathing) the characters. Think about your favorite novels; it’s typically the characters that make it unforgettable, not the story itself.

Anyway, this is a short post, but that’s okay. I don’t need to be longwinded with EVERYTHING. Basically though, I love music, and without it, I’m not sure my writing would have the depth or momentum it needs to become someone’s unforgettable favorite someday. *Fingers crossed for the future*

BBL, buckaroos, and to God be the glory.



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