Are You Drowning?

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This is kind of a different post than what I usually go for, but God laid this on my heart and I felt I had to write about it, so I did.


I have been thinking a lot about some things and God has really been convicting my heart with some hard truths lately. We all have sin in our lives, everyday, (and if you say you don’t, I’m sorry, but you’re in denial). We use excuses like “That’s just who I am; that’s just what I do.”


But the truth is, whatever it is you are saying that about, you are making that particular thing a god in your life. And by saying, “It can’t be changed,” you are saying that God doesn’t have the ability to change that area of your life. We imagine worship or serving another god as chanting chants, presenting offerings to items made out of gold—but that’s not always what serving an idol is.


Sometimes, an idol is a part of yourself you refuse to let go of.


Sometimes, an idol is clinging to the lingering effects of something that was done to you.


Sometimes, an idol is something you have, whether that be material objects, an illness, or even another person—perhaps even yourself.


Sometimes, it’s not blood or objects that are sacrificed to an idol. Sometimes, you serve an idol by sacrificing time with someone who loves you. Sometimes, you serve an idol by refusing to stop something that is bad for you, or bad for someone you love. Sometimes, serving an idol is you making excuses for your behavior to avoid accountability.



You know what your idol is. You are thinking of it right now, either acknowledging what it is, or rationalizing why what you’re doing is okay. By doing that, you aren’t serving The Lord—Yahweh, the God of David, the God of Paul. You’re serving another god.


Let that sink in for a moment: You are serving another god.


It’s not about choosing how something may be perceived by others as right or wrong; it’s not about discerning what’s easiest and what’s most difficult to change; it’s not about what you are capable of and what you aren’t capable of; it’s about looking at your options and choosing the one that will GLORIFY GOD THE MOST, even if no one else is meant to notice. It’s as simple as that.


I’m not specifically calling anyone out, here. I have had so many people tell me—ME, of all people!—that, they look at me and think I have it “all together”. I don’t; I have some very, very sick places in my heart that require a medicine only Jesus can offer. I struggle everyday, and sometimes I am filled with so much shame and disappointment in myself that I pray and hope God sees something I don’t. So know this is not coming from a place of judgment toward anyone. As far as I am concerned, we are all in this together, seeking and serving a God who has the power to break the chains that bind us to our sin, if we will only acknowledge it.


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