I Think We’ve All Been a Little Hard On Anna…

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Okay, I’m totally on board the ‘Frozen’ bandwagon. I’m also a total KristAnna shipper. I just want to put that out there before I venture any further in this article.

I’ve seen a lot of people (including Elsa) mock Anna’s impetuous and ill-fated decision to “marry a man she just met.” Maybe I’m overly-optimistic, or maybe I’m partial to Anna because I could see a lot of myself in her, but I don’t think it’s fair to mock her for falling for Hans so quickly:

“Anna should have been wiser.”

“Anna should have gotten to know him better.”

“Anna shouldn’t have wanted to fall in love so quickly.”

I’m sorry, but when I first watched the movie, my first thought wasn’t “Anna is being too impulsive!” No. My first thought upon meeting charming, deceptive Hans was “I know that guy.”

Been there, girlfriend.

No, I’ve never fallen in love with a prince, and no, I never had a guy plot my death so he could inherit my kingdom. I have, however, experienced being too emotionally invested in a relationship only to have my heart ripped out at the end. Like Anna, I only ever wanted to discover my true love and be one-half of a whole great romance.

Falling in love and marrying “the perfect guy” after knowing him a day doesn’t usually make for an interesting story in the fictional realm (though, ironically, it does in real-life because of the risks involved). Moving so hastily is looked down upon and especially unwise this day and age. It’s not like it used to be when my grandmother was growing up, where boys feared their girlfriend’s father and brothers, therefore honored boundaries and treated their sweetheart with respect (generally, of course). Let’s be honest: marrying the first person you ever dated wouldn’t be a bad thing if people could be relied upon to be good.

Imagine knowing beyond any doubt that this man you met after a day had truly fallen for you. Imagine knowing his intentions were sincere and honorable. Imagine knowing that it didn’t matter what lay ahead or how the two of you might change from that day forward, because you have always been committed to getting through it. That’s the stereotypical fairytale love so many ridicule and doubt the existence of.

Some people–fictional princesses, a handful of fortunate real-life people–are lucky enough to find a lifelong stable relationship on the very first try. The rest of us have to navigate through a flurry of Hanses and Kristoffs that aren’t meant to be ours first. Some of us have to carry our broken pieces alone until we find someone who is willing to ride his reindeer at full-speed to give us a life-changing kiss.

So don’t beat yourself up, Anna, for falling in love so quickly. There is nothing wrong with you; you are exactly who you’re supposed to be. It was Hans who wasn’t who he was supposed to be. It was Hans who pretended to be everything you ever dreamed of just so he could manipulate you to meet his own ends. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking all guys are the same, and don’t fail to notice the fixer-upper you keep comfortably in the friendzone.

Ok, so that doesn’t apply to everyone, but you get my point. Your very own Kristoff is out there. Don’t give up, and never let anyone make you ashamed of your innocent, open, loving heart.


One thought on “I Think We’ve All Been a Little Hard On Anna…

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