Sophia’s War: The End of Innocence (Volume 1)

Sophia can hardly wait to return to Germany to help her great aunt run the town library, despite her father’s distrust of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. But Sophia’s not worried; she knows she will be safe with her extended family.

Unfortunately, the beautiful country that she remembers from her childhood visits is almost unrecognizable. Almost every man is in uniform, and everyone she meets seems watchful and secretive. It quickly becomes apparent that Germany is not what it used to be, and neither is her cousin, Diedrich.

Will Sophia return home when Diedrich gives her an ultimatum that defies her conscience? Or will her desire to fulfill her aunt’s wishes keep her in a dangerous foreign land on the brink of war?

Sophia’s War: Lies and Allies (Volume 2)

When Sophia agreed to Diedrich’s conditions, she hadn’t counted on the domineering behavior from her cousin that would ensue. In spite of her promise to return to America if she broke even one of his stipulations, Sophia finds herself trying to see how far she can push her limits—especially when it comes to her friend, Adrian.

Soon after Germany’s invasion of Poland, Sophia finds herself wondering who she can trust. Her innocent curiosity is replaced with fear and doubt, especially upon learning that a stranger has been peeking in her windows at night.

Will Sophia find a way to stay in Germany and uncover the identity of the mysterious stranger? Or will Diedrich force her to leave before she has the chance?

Sophia’s War: Stalemate (Volume 3)

As Europe struggles to fend off the invasion of the Nazis, Sophia finds herself fighting battles within her own walls. Diedrich is more belligerent and menacing than ever, and when her faith in Adrian is shattered, she begins to question the judiciousness of her decision to stay in Germany.

While the tension in Europe billows past the breaking point, so do the clouds of discord between Sophia, Diedrich, and Adrian. Coming face to face with the threat Nazism poses to her identity, help from an unexpected source leaves her optimistic about the future—until a surprising revelation causes her to make a shocking self-discovery.

Sophia’s War: Hidden Halos (Volume 4)

November 1940:

In the months following her last correspondence with Adrian, Sophia finds herself tormented by her unrequited affections for him. The only good that seems to come from any of it is how much easier life alongside Diedrich proves to be with Adrian gone…

But a few chance encounters with the man who was once her friend and the incessant longing in her heart for him only add to her affliction. Disturbed by revelations of alarming deeds carried out by the Nazis, Sophia’s determination to stay in Germany begins to crumble. Lives around her are in jeopardy, and as Adrian clings to his resolve to let her go, Sophia is forced to make a decision:

To entangle herself in the war or return home, both of which will bear consequences that are bound to change her fate forever.

Sophia’s War: Veil of Secrets (Volume 5)

“…You’re not the only one with secrets—with people you care about who need to be protected.”

Sophia made the choice to put the needs and safety of others before her own. But with the added pressure of protecting the Berkowitzes, Sophia’s survival in Nazi Germany has become more perilous than ever. Though she finds companionship with a handsome war photographer, her secrets threaten to destroy everything and everyone she holds dear.

But Sophia soon learns that she is not the only one carrying a dangerous secret. No one in Germany is who they say they are, and those who have nothing to hide are quick to betray those that do. When the motivations of others collide with her own, Sophia must adapt to survive, learning she can trust no one but herself in Hitler’s Germany.

Sophia’s War: Death Knell (Volume 6)

“Be with me,” she whispered. “If this is Your will, then please settle my heart.”

American Sophia is bound to Nazi Germany. The concealment of her identity has not only become dangerous, but deadly, not to mention the Jewish family hidden in her walls. Her surly cousin Diedrich has no choice but to accept that she will remain in his house for the duration of the war. His fickle tolerance of her presence gives her hope.

When Adrian, the man she loves, comes to her with devastating news, Sophia’s life begins a deteriorating descent. The upheaval of all she was once sure of, all that she once believed in, leaves her in a state of desolation and uncertainty. Sophia soon learns that whether she survives or whether she perishes in Nazi Germany, her end will not come without tragic consequences.


Sophia’s War: Shell Shocked (Volume 7)

September 1944:

Home isn’t what Sophia remembers, and who she used to be feels as far away as the Axis powers do in Europe. Though she is finally safe with Adrian in the U.S., both of them are finding it hard to put the war damaged pieces of themselves back together. With their marriage in a fragile state, Sophia clings to her secrets as she tries to keep from completely falling apart…

That is, until a chance encounter with a familiar face blows the past wide open for both Sophia and Adrian, propelling them on a journey to liberated France. As Sophia struggles to deal with her past and her trust in her husband disintegrates, it’s not just their relationship that’s at stake, but their very lives.



2 thoughts on “Novels

  1. I loved the Sophies war series!! When i started the first, i had not realised it was only the first of 7! i actually put it down for a month thinking it was taking too long to introduce the characters so it must not be much of a story…lol When i picked it up again last weekend,i couldnot stop reading! Thank you for a Christian series that is well written and well researched, and not preachy! I am constantly reading anything and everything about the second world war to the point my family makes fun of me! I love to read about rescuers of the people the nazi’s deemed as “undesirables”. Such courage in such darkness! I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Hi Tracy! I’m so glad you enjoyed Sophia’s War! Originally, books 1-6 were written as one book. That would have made it a 1500+ page novel, so I broke them up, which is why it feels slow in the beginning 🙂 I’m so glad you came back to give me a second chance! I’m obsessed with World War II (haha) and have many more novels to come! My newest will be Love Song (Liebeslied) (Captive Heart Trilogy, #1) which I hope to release this June/July! It’s a romance between an American girl and a German soldier 🙂 Can’t wait to share it with you! Thanks for visiting and for reading my work!

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