Your Next Favorite Book Characters: Sophia’s War

Who You Need to Know From the Sophia’s War Series:

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An American living in Nazi Germany. Sophia can be outspoken about her convictions and beliefs, and her naïveté and identity make her vulnerable amid such dangerous times. She is infamously prideful, though acknowledges this shortcoming and tries not to let it dictate her behavior. She has a fierce loyalty to her family and friends.

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Sophia’s Swiss cousin. Diedrich comes from a wealthy family, his German father a notorious womanizer and his haughty mother condemning of the Versailles Treaty and all those involved. Though Diedrich was once like a brother to Sophia, he has become domineering and impertinent, which Sophia believes is a result of his embrace of Nazism.

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A propaganda photographer and a Lieutenant in the Heer. Adrian is unusually guarded when it comes to his personal life, which he makes up for by being so obliging; a trait that makes him likable by almost everyone. He is the first friend Sophia makes in Germany, though the war and Nazism complicate their association with one another.

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Sophia’s best friend. Josie moved to Switzerland after secondary school, seeing Sophia for the first time in two years when she ventures to Germany. Josephine is stylish and sophisticated with a penchant for dating. Though she never witnesses Diedrich’s mistreatment of Sophia, Josie tries to be a peacemaker when Sophia is provoked by him.




Adrian’s best friend, an Obersturmführer in the SS. Sophia finds Rolf unreadable, believing his attempts to charm are all a facade. He often makes Sophia uncomfortable with his familiarity toward her.




Married to Adrian’s best friend, Rolf. Luella is good-natured and amiable, and Sophia finds a friend in her right away. Luella recognizes that Sophia is unlike her own circle of friends, especially after Sophia learns of Luella’s deadly, heartbreaking secrets.




Rolf’s beautiful sister. Mena is spiteful and condescending toward Sophia, her attraction toward Adrian conspicuous. Along with Nazism, Sophia’s cousin and the war itself, Mena adds to the strain on Adrian and Sophia’s association with one another.

Start the journey in Paperback or on Kindle today!:

Sophia’s War: The End of Innocence (#1)

Sophia’s War: Lies and Allies (#2)

Sophia’s War: Stalemate (#3)

Sophia’s War: Hidden Halos (#4)

Sophia’s War: Veil of Secrets (#5)

Sophia’s War: Death Knell (#6)

Sophia’s War: Shell Shocked (#7) (Coming December 2015! Final book in the series!)


11 thoughts on “Your Next Favorite Book Characters: Sophia’s War

    • Hi there! The series is complete, but I’m in the process of re-editing and rewriting it since I wrote it years ago. It’s going to be a series of 7 books. They are all relatively short, though 🙂

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  2. Hi! Just wanted to drop by and tell you I read through the 4 books already out in just over a day and a half :). I couldn’t stop reading them and cannot wait for the next book(s) to be released! Thank you for the beautiful words and wonderful storytelling. I feel like I am Sophia, herself, when I am reading your books. Bravo on a job well done!

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